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Major Activities
Official Open March 6 at 20:00 (GMT +3)
Open Beta Test February 23 at 18:00 (GMT +3)
Main Features
World Bosses

On the server x1200 will be available bosses: Grand Orfen, Lindvior, Fafurion. For killing the bosses you will get Chaos Shard (3 pcs. for person). To watch bosses spawn:


You can use the buffer functions directly during the battle, but only in the main locations of farm and PvP (Dion's territory).

Boosters and QHP All types of QHP and Love Potions are fully displayed on the server. Adjusted the stats of the Rune Eve and Bananas in order to reduce the impact on PvP.
Balance We revised the balance of all classes, so the gameplay on the new server will be very different from other PvP-servers of our project.
Main Town Dion
Trade Zone Giran
PvP Zone Execution Grounds
Farm Zones Beehive, Cruma Tower, Execution Grounds
Silver Shilen  Extracted from all the monsters in locations: Beehive, Cruma Tower, Execution Grounds
Equipment Up to S84 for Adena
Epic For Gold Coins, Silver Shilens, Chaos Shards
Enchant Scrolls For Adena
Attribute For Adena
Mastery Books For Silver Shilen
Services and their cost on all servers High Five
Premium Account Increases by  50% or 70% to drop chance, spoil, quest items, rewards, increase by 2% enhance chance and craft chance.  Increases EXP/SP rates by 25% or 35%.
Cost: 1 day - 49, 3 days - 99, 7 days - 149, 21 days - 299 Gold Coins.
Premium Buffer There are: Chant of Victory +15, Prophecy of Wind +15, Blazing Skin +30, Chant of Spirit, Arcane Protection and etc.  Cost: 1 day - 9, 3 days - 24, 7 days - 49, 21 days - 149, 60 days - 299 Gold Coins.
Bosses & Instances
Respawn Standard respawn - 12 hour (± 60 min)
Epic and World Bosses Fixed Respawn. More...
Levels Baium - 85, Antharas - 85, Barakiel - 75, Queen Ant - 85
Nigh Zaken 36-72 characters (56-65 level)
Day Zaken 9 characters (56-65 level)
High Zaken 9 characters (76-85 level)
Freya 9 characters (82-85 level)
Bless. Freya 9 characters (82-85 level)
Frintezza 9 characters (80-85 level)
IP/HWID Limits No Ip/HWID limits
Other There are no limits to enter to Antharas or Valakas. You can enter to dragons without Command Chanel. You need have quest item to enter. Zones around some Epic RBs are PvP-Zones.
Enchant and Attribute
Safe +3 (+4 for full body armor)
Chance Basic chance 66%, then it decrease (depending on the level of enhance). Can be increased  by +3% with a Club Card and Premium Account.
Max +16 +12 +12
On Olympiad +6 +6 +6
Olf's T-shirt Basic chance 45%, then it decrease (depending on the level of enhance). Can be increased  by +3% with a Club Card and Premium Account. Safe enhance - +3, Max. - +9.
Attribute Default
Olympiad and Sieges
Olympiad Time 24/7
Period First Heroes 16.03, then every week
Fight Limits 120
Sieges and TW First sieges - 15.03, first TW - 21.03. Then every week
Other Class fights are disabled, team fights every Friday
«Macro bug» Not available
«Soulshot's bug» Not available
Carrier 1, 2 and 3 - Adena
Sub-class Without quest
Max sub-class level 85
Noblesse Available at ALT+B
Buff Slot 28 (+4)/14
Mana Potion 1500 MP / 10 sec
Champions Up to 85 lv
Fortresses Every 4 hours
Clans From 11 level
Clan fee 4 hours
Cancellation up to 5 effects
Insane Crusher up to 5 effects
Steal of Divinity up to 7 effects, doesn't work for self buffs in PvP
Chant of Protection и Counter Critical Replace each other
Cozy Mucus Not available

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